Many brands come and go and only a few brands will stay in your heart. Covenant Guitar has not been disappointing from the start. The quality speaks for itself.

Whether in terms of sound, workmanship, or material, Covenant has really put in the effort.

First, let me explains the technology behind Covenant Guitar.

All Covenant Guitar woods being through Heat-treatment. When all the woods go through heat treatment, the wood will be drier and more absorbent. Therefore the wood projection will be better and louder. That is why even the lowest model of covenant guitar sounds big.

Secondly, Covenant Guitar also incorporates the AS neck joint technology.  This technology uses a bold-on method to secure the neck and the body. The advantage of this is so that it allows the neck to move freely to avoid pitch issues in the few years to comes.

Traditionally, the guitar neck was glued to the body.  But many years down the road, many people found that it causes the pitch to go off on the 14 frets where the neck and the body joints area. This is due to the changes in the neck and the body tension over time. And the bold on neck can solve this issue.

Thirdly, Covenant Guitar uses a fully embedded bridge technology to strengthen the bridge. This means that the bridge was actually inlayed into the top of the guitar. The advantage of this is that the bridge won’t come out after 20 -30 years to come.

Covenant Guitar also uses special bracing call the X Hole Bracing. This bracing is lighter compare to the normal one.  When it is light, the vibration is better therefore given a better projection. Because it is light, therefore Covenant uses 3 pieces of wood on the bracing to make it stronger at the same time.

With the above mention technology, it does make a difference in how the guitar looks and sounds. It is definitely a great sounding and great playability guitar.

Do check it out at Emusic Malaysia.

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