If You Want To Buy A New Piano, Do You Need To Try Out Every New Piano?

Choosing an Acoustic Piano

Buying an acoustic piano can be an arduous task. Even more so if you are a beginner pianist or a parent shopping for one. The common dilemma faced would be if you are investing your hard earned cash on the right unit or ending up with one that disappoints. We at Nippon Piano are ready to assist you in your journey in discovering your dream piano. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and service is second to none.

Nippon Piano has a wide variety of brand new acoustic pianos on display at our showroom. Each one of them are inspected by our piano specialists and are given a proper tune up before they hit the showroom floor. This is to ensure that the pianos you will be auditioning are at its best sound and setup.

Acoustic Piano Building Materials

A very important factor to know about choosing an acoustic piano is the fact that they are made of organic materials such as different types of wood. Wood is very susceptible to its surrounding temperature and humidity changes which may cause it to expand or contract. The piano steel strings are also subject to unstable tension and stretching when they are new. These issues may cause all kinds of problems in tuning, resulting in a piano that is not performing at its best. Acoustic pianos need to be stabilised to hold its tuning and to get acclimated with its surroundings. Our specialists take a lot of time and effort in setting up a brand new piano beforehand prior to your visit to our showroom.

Testing Time

We strive to make your testing experience a pleasant one and ultimately, to ease the decision making process by having a showroom filled with a wide range of pianos that are sounding their best. When trying out pianos, we strongly urge you to take your time and play as many models as you can. Play every single key, listen attentively to the tones the instruments produce and feel the keyboard’s action. Feel free to ask anything from our friendly trained specialists. They would be glad to furnish you with all the information that is needed.

However, if you still would like to test another brand new piano that is in our inventory, you are more than welcome to do so. Just ask our staff and we will get a new stock piano out for you from the crate. A quick setup and you are ready to test away. Try doing that at any other piano store! You are sure to receive a bunch of reasons to decline your request. We at Nippon Piano on the other hand understand the needs of our customers. Little things like this is just a part of our dedicated service to you. Nippon Piano is the only piano shop that offers such service in Malaysia. So, come on over and test all you want.

Finding “The One”

Choosing an acoustic piano is akin to finding a life partner. You have to click on all levels prior to committing to one. You will know indefinitely when you come across that one particular piano that just sings to you and inspires you to keep playing it more and more. That feeling of finally finding the right piano is a priceless experience and we want to help you achieve just that. Once you have found “The One”, we recommend that you purchase that particular unit that you have tried.

Commonly, most customers will request for another “brand new” unit for them to purchase and many piano dealers would suggest the same too. The reason that we at Nippon Piano highly recommend that you should purchase that very same piano you tried and fell in love with goes back to the fact that an acoustic piano is constructed out of organic materials. 2 different pianos of the same model, built out of the same materials and design constructions will sound and feel slightly different from one another. Hence, each stock of piano has its individual character and will never sound exactly the same from one unit to another. No 2 pieces of wood will ever sound the same. With that said, we are rest assured that you will spend many years of enjoyment with your new piano. The joy of owning an instrument that keeps you passionate about playing is something that money cannot buy. We wish you a pleasant journey in discovering that special piano of your dreams!