Roland RP102 – More Than Just Your Average Piano

If you are a city dweller, chances are you’re probably living in a condominium or some sort of an apartment. Looking at how crazy landed property pricing is getting these days, it seems to be only logical choice. Only problem now is if you’re looking into getting a piano for yourself or for your kid, you are faced with noise level issues. Let’s face it, not all your neighbours would appreciate your practice session running music scales up and down nor your midnight rendition of Bach’s pieces. The solution to this is simple, get yourself a good quality digital piano such as the Roland RP102 which is exclusively distributed in Malaysia by Nippon Piano.


No Frills, No Hassle, Only Enjoyment

The Roland RP102 is designed to give you authentic acoustic piano sounds (and more) and modern features for your home or music school. To avoid your neighbours from calling the cops on you every time you dive into a classical recital at home, the RP102 has 2 stereo headphone output jacks. You can practice all night long without bothering anyone. This luxury is crucial to anyone who is training to become a good pianist. Practice anytime of the day!


The Touch Says It All

The RP102 is equipped with Roland’s PHA-4 Standard (progressive hammer action) 88 keys keyboard with escapment and ivory feel. The keys are weighted and react just like on an acoustic piano. The ivory feel keys are a nice touch compared to the usual plastic keys. The slight porous feel gives a more organic experience and helps reduce finger slippage when playing fast passages.

The RP102 has 5 levels of touch sensitivity to be chosen from. They can be regulated to suit the needs of the player. This is typically non existent on a conventional acoustic piano nor on certain lower grade digital pianos that are currently  available in the market. So if you are practicing for classical exams, you can turn it up to have a heavier touch!

Also, a very cool feature that’s available is the ability to assign the keyboard to Twin Piano mode. When this mode is engaged, teacher and student can sit side by side and have the piano keyboard split into 2. Both zones mirroring each other in terms of octaves. Apart from that, there’s a Dual mode that allows you to assign a different tone such as a double bass on the left and retain the piano on the right for emulating a piano and bass duo. Lastly, there is a Whole mode which lets you layer 2 tones together throughout the whole range of the keyboard. Piano and strings make up the classic ballad sound!


 How Does It Sound?

 Roland digital pianos have been the top choice for many professional pianists and artists the world over. As with their higher end models, the RP102’s sound engine employs Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Sound. SuperNATURAL is Roland’s proprietary technology that fuses physical modeling and sample playback to generate very realistic response and dynamic piano sounds. Transitions between loud and soft playing is smooth and seamless. It also has 128 note polyphony which lets your sustained notes ring through naturally as opposed to lower polyphony digital pianos where you will hear ‘disappearing’ notes as more notes are triggered.

The RP102 has a total of 15 tones on board. 4 acoustic piano tones sampled from concert grands. The rest of the tones run the gamut of electric pianos, strings, organs etc. If that isn’t enough, you can access even more tones when you use the RP102 with the Roland Piano Partner 2 free app!


Free Roland Piano Partner 2 app

The Roland Piano Partner 2 app adds a lot of functionality to the RP102. It has interactive games for ear training, built in Hanon excersises, several classical pieces with digital score built in for educational purposes. Also, a really cool feature is that the app also enables rhythm accompaniment functions on the RP102. This will give the player a good sense of rhythm, like playing in a band. There are several rhythm styles that you can choose from.


Bluetooth Wireless

A very cool feature available on the RP102 is the Bluetooth Wireless connectivity. This lets you connect the piano to you iOS or Android device to make it work with the Roland Piano Partner 2 app seamlessly. No more messy cables running around!


What’s The Word On The Street? – 5 stars: Excellent value with great sound!

June 1, 2018

Sleek and minimalistic design. Sounds fantastic. Keys feel great and have good          weight. Proper Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for MIDI and more works            excellent.Very happy with our purchase!

With all that said, I definitely recommend checking the RP102 out for arguably         the best keyboard feel and impressive sound as well as a variety of connectivity         options.

  • Traditional style cabinet with a strong resemblance to an acoustic piano.
  • Fantastic action with simulated ivory keytops.
  • Comes with 4 authentic grand piano tones plus effects such as string and key off resonance.
  • Also features Roland’s excellent sound engine: SuperNatural sound technology.


Guaranteed Quality Product – 2 years warranty

Roland has a very strong reputation for producing innovative, high tech and reliable products for over 40 years now. The RP102 is no exception. Engineered and built to last, it is some of the best digital pianos you can buy in the market currently. The RP102 comes with a 2 year warranty. So you can be rest assured that investing in one is a good choice for your home or school. Being digital, it is almost maintenance free too. There is never a need to tune the piano. This saves cost on hiring a piano tuner every now and then. Head on over to Nippon Piano’s showroom to try one out today!